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Rebranding a technology multinational

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Summary: Computaris, a specialist software provider for the telecom industry, approached us in 2015 with a task to refresh their 20-year old corporate brand. The brand promise we based the corporate rebranding on focused on what clients loved most about the company: being a Software Extraordinaire.

When you compete on the global scene with top technology and telecommunication companies, you need a clear value proposition and a brand that is relevant to both your customers and your own people. This is where Computaris, a specialist software provider for the telecom industry, stood in 2015 when they approached us with a task to refresh their 20-year old corporate brand.

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Computaris has been providing custom system integration, software development and technical consultancy for software vendors and communication service providers since 1992. The company has grown in both size and quality since then, and it is now present in 7 countries, on three continents. Despite its business and professional evolution, Computaris’ corporate brand and image had remained stuck in the past.

Computaris logo - before and after

The global brand analysis we conducted revealed what Computaris is about: a rare combination of technical prowess and telecom expertise, completed by a more flexible approach than their larger competitors were willing (or able) to provide. The brand promise we extracted from all the gathered insights focused on what clients loved most about the company: Software Extraordinaire.

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There is no limit to quality when it comes to software development at Computaris, and this is what the infinite symbol in their new logo stands for. The Computaris infinite is a particular one though, as it has a rounded half and a square one. It thus suggests turning ideas into software, mixing flexibility and preciseness, and bringing in-depth software and industry knowledge into a single, valuable package.

Some brands manage to look great, while missing on promise delivery. Computaris was at the other end of the spectrum. Their service quality is on par and in some aspects better than that of their world-famous competitors. Now, thanks to the new corporate brand identity, Computaris speaks and looks more like its services: convincingly, consistently and with due attention to detail.

Adriana Liute
Managing Partner at Storience
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The employer brand promise was based on an insight: Computaris employees mostly value the opportunity to work on the most demanding projects, next to the best engineers in the field. Hence, the employer brand slogan now goes, ”Telecom is like New York. If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere.”

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The visual style further points to the high technological skills of the team. Lines of code are behind almost any great business achievement nowadays, so we just made this effort visible by moving them over and next to selected images.

Computaris website

We had great feedback from both clients and colleagues. We ran a survey 2 months after the rebranding and 75% of our colleagues said they liked and felt more confident with the new identity. We continue to receive great feedback about our new website, which is a strong source of leads. Recruitment has never been easy, but the rebranding helped us refine our message and better communicate it, especially in social media, which is a critical channel for us and where we became more active.

Andreea Ciuluvica
Marketing Manager at Computaris
Computaris website
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